Allergy Eats Mobile App

The Allergy Eats mobile app is a great tool to find allergy-friendly restaurants when you’re on the go. It is free and available for both iPhone and Android devices.  Just like the website,, the mobile app allows you to search for restaurants by entering a location, but it also hasfantasticallyfreeallergyeats a “Find Near Me” search option that will automatically find restaurants in your vacinity based on GPS technology.   This comes in handy when you are exploring a new city or aren’t familiar with the area.

It is simple to create an Allergy Eats member profile.  Basically, you just need to enter your contact information and establish a password.  The only “hiccup” I encountered in setting up my membership profile was a couple of broken links to the Allergy Eats Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Once you have logged in, you can choose your food allergies or intolerances, enter your search, and off you go! After you have entered your search, the site loads restaurants based on the criteria you have entered.  Each restaurant is rated on its ability to accomodate food allergies.  The ratings are based on reviews submitted by other members who have eaten at the restaurants listed.

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7 Tips for Eating Out with Kids with Food Allergies

Eating out with young children can be stressful.  Add in food allergies and it can be down right anxiety-provoking!  Sometimes it can be quite a Kidatdinnertablechallenge to find a safe place to eat, especially if you are dealing with multiple food allergies.

Eating at restaraunts and other establishments is a big part of our culture and not participating in social acitivities that involve food can feel very isolating.  So how can you and your family minimize the risk of an allergic reaction while still enjoying the opportunity to dine out once in a while?

Here are my top 7 tips for eating out with the kids:

1) Do your research before you go.

Search online to find restaurants that are allergy-friendly. There are websites dedicated to making your search a little easier.  I particularly like They have a great mobile app that comes in handy when traveling. Always take a look at the menu before heading out.  It saves you the hassle of getting to a restaurant only to learn that there is nothing on the menu for you to eat.

I always look for menus with simple dishes. I love when a restaurant has a kids’ menu because those dishes are pretty simple fare.  To limit the risk of cross-contact, avoid eating at places that use your particular allergens in a large number of their dishes. You will also want to avoid buffet-style restaurants and self-service food areas that are prone to cross-contact between foods, such as salad bars.

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