Fantastically Free™ offers a number of services to families, individuals, and organizations who serve people with food allergies.  Our mission is to help children, families, and individuals, live safe, healthy and happy lives despite food allergies.

Fantastically Free™ Personal CoachingFamily Eating Meal Together In Kitchen

Get the support you need to confidently and effectively manage food allergies!  Fantastically Free™ Personal Coaching is designed to specifically meet your unique needs and address the everyday challenges associated with living with Food Allergies. For your convenience, personal coaching takes place via phone or skype.

Fantasically Free™ Personal Coaching is for you if you or your child is newly-diagnosed with a food allergy or if you have been living with food allergies for a while but want some personal support and practical strategies to help you live a safe, healthy, and happy life with food allergies.

The Fantastically Free™ Personal Coaching program will help you:

  • Become an empowered advocate for you or your child
  • Eat well and live well despite having diet restrictions
  • Confidently navigate the social and relationship issues that come with having food allergies
  • Organize your kitchen and home to prevent cross-contact with food allergens and reduce exposure to environmental allergens
  • Learn how to stay safe when you are away from home so you can still live life to the fullest
  • Discover how to effectively work with schools, work, and other organizations so that you are not limited by your food allergy
  • Build a support network so that you are not isolated and alone in managing your food allergies
  • And much more!

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Fantastically Free™ and OrganizedFantasticallyFreeWomanCupboard

Wouldn’t you love to have more time for the people and things you love most?  Managing food allergies and related conditions requires a great deal of time, energy, and organization.

The Fantastically Free™ and Organized services can help you step out of the overwhelm associated with managing food allergies and into control. In addition to in-home hands-on organizing services, we also offer virtual organizing coaching via telephone or webcam/skype.

Our organizing services are for you if you would like customized solutions for creating a safe and nurturing environment that allows you to save time, gain some peace of mind, and effectively manage food allergies so you can spend more time enjoying the great things in life.

With Fantastically Free Organizing Services, we will assist you to:

  • Organize your kitchen and pantry to reduce the risk of cross-contact
  • Create easy meal plans the whole family can enjoy
  • Stock allergy-friendly staples so you are never left wondering what to cook
  • Develop efficient systems and routines that help you effectively manage food allergies
  • Declutter and organize your home to reduce exposure to environmental allergens
  • Create a household allergy emergency center so you’re always prepared
  • Organize your medical information and paperwork for school, daycare, camps etc.
  • Customize solutions for managing common co-occuring conditions such as asthma, ADHD, Celiac, etc.

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Fantastically Free™ VIP Sessionfantasticallyfreewomeninmarket

Need quick support around a specific area of food allergy management? Then a Fantastically Free™ VIP Session is for you.  VIP Sessions take place in-person, on the phone, via webcam/skype, or on location depending on and your specific needs.

We offer Fantastically Free™ VIP Sessions around a variety of topics, including:

  • Reading labels and navigating grocery shopping after diagnosis (grocery store tours are available locally)
  • Organizing your home to prevent cross-contact
  • Creating your household allergy emergency management center
  • Preparing for school with food allergies
  • And many more…

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 Fantastically Free™ Consulting for Organizations

Fantastically Free™ Consulting is designed to assist you in serving individuals with food allergies.

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