About Fanatastically Free™

Fantastically Free,™ a “Make a Difference” Division of BrightFire Network, LLC,  is dedicated to helping children, families, and individuals live safe, healthy, and happy lives despite food allergies.

Managing food allergies takes a lot of organizational skills, social skills, and the ability to confidently navigate across and between different systems (healthcare, education, food industry, etc.). We offer a number of educational training programs, coaching, and hands-on services to help you effectively manage food allergies and other related conditions.

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany deSilva, MSW, CPC, CPO-CD is the founder of Fantastically Free.™  Tiffany is on a mission to empower children, families, and individuals to 0008live safe, healthy and happy lives despite food allergies.

With a background in clinical social work and healthcare, her life experience as a mother of three children with multiple food allergies, and her expertise in coaching and professional organizing, Tiffany combines her unique skills to help families effectively manage the practical, emotional, and social aspects of living with food allergies.  Tiffany understands, first-hand, that there is a big gap to bridge between being diagnosed with a food allergy and living well with it, but it can be done!

Tiffany and her work has been featured on TLC, Discovery Health, NBC, Aetna’s Healthful Magazine, The Columbus Dispatch, WBNS-TV, and numerous newspapers, radio shows, and other media across the United States.

My Personal Story

Hello, I’m Tiffany deSilva, founder of Fantastically Free.™  Thank you for dropping in!

As the mother of 3 beautiful and brilliant girls with multiple food allergies, I know just how challenging managing food allergies can be.  I also know that having food allergies doesn’t have to stop you from living an amazing life or keep you from enjoying the people and things that matter most to you.

I’ve been managing food allergies for about 8 years now.  Each of my girls were diagnosed with their first food allergy (milk) when they were just infants.  Although I nursed each one, they reacted to the dairy that I consumed.  Luckily, they have all outgrown their dairy allergy (and oat allergy) but they still have many more.

In all, my children are allergic to: peanut, tree nuts, egg, soy, sesame, mustard, banana, tomato, pineapple, and green bean.  I also have some autoimmune issues that are greatly affected by the food I eat, so I avoid gluten, cow’s milk, peanut, tree nuts, egg, shellfish, night shades (potato, eggplant, peppers, tomato), and refined salt. We eat very little processed foods and sweets so the majority of the foods we eat are healthy organic whole foods.

In addition to food allergies, we also manage eczema, asthma, cold-induced urticaria, sun-induced urticaria, and environmental allergies including: ragweed, grass, tree pollen, dust, mold, cat, rabbit, and guinea pig.  I also have a penicillin allergy.  As you can see, we are quite the atopic bunch.

While there are a lot of things we can’t eat or be around, there is an abundance of foods that we can eat and so many wonderful things that we enjoy doing.

We do NOT let food allergies put limitations on our life and you don’t have to either.

My mission is to help other families and individuals live safe, healthy, and happy lives despite food allergies, this is what I call living Fantastically Free!